40 millions fans. David Guetta uses Abletunes to produce successful music.

What's The Deal

Designed by producers for producers. Abletunes provides one of the biggest collections of premium AbletonĀ® Liveā„¢ templates that help you learn music production. Their collection of templates is always growing to suit the latest electronic music trends. Tmake awesome sample packs and simple VST/AU

Our Mission

Make a simple user interface for the upcoming reverb plugin with a strong focus on new beginning producers.


Abletunes released a new plugin and it was an instant hit. The most expensive plugin to the date.

Scope of Work

User Experience Design
User Interface Design

Abletunes, Inc.


Started With a
Solid Strategy

We worked closely with the LiveStyle leadership to craft the strategy.
We emerged all the challenges the organization faced in our facilitated sessions and prioritized the needs and goals of the business and its dedicated customers. This became the groundwork for their digital activities in upcoming years.

Users First

LiveStyle festivals are the haven for fans obsessed with dance music. We painted a clear picture of demographics, psychographics, and all the needs and wants using unique user profiles.

Music Producers

Learn, explore, and level up your music production.

Company Mission

To create an adequate experience, we worked mainly with idea that utilizes three big rounds for main settings which will lead to an intuitive and effortless experience.

Very first wireframe.

Evolution of User Interface

Making the user interface for an audio plugin is challenging. We went through many iterations and steps to make it as intuitive as possible.

Only half of the screens we produced during this step of the plugin creation process.


Knobs are the way music producers produce music. It's the main element for most of their equipment and therefore its important to have them done right.

We made a variety of knobs and tested the UI with all the different knobs.


Abletunes extended its plugin offering successfully. The new plugin is a hit, it's the most expensive plugin they currently offer, and it has a lot of big names in the industry already using it.

We made a variety of knobs and tested the UI with all the different knobs.

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