An award-winning app enjoyed by millions of visitors with a unique live content approach.

What's The Deal

Q-dance is famous for organizing mind-blowing events attended by millions of truly dedicated fans every year from all around the world many of which dedicate weeks to preparing and networking.

Our Mission

Help Q-dance become the brand it deserves in online environment, help increase ticket sales, and streamline visitors experience. Altogether with creating the new streams of revenue without alienation millions of currently dedicated warriors.


Growth in ticket and merchandise sales. A whole new market of virtual attendees.

Scope of Work

Web Design & Development
User Experience Design
User Interface Design
Social Media and Email Campaign
Digital and Printed Marketing Assets

Google Play Rating
Apple App Store Rating
Awards Won
Started With a
Solid Strategy

We sat down with CTO Michael Guntenaar and the team to craft the strategy. We emerged all the challenges the organization faced in our facilitated sessions and prioritized the needs and goals of the business and its dedicated customers. This became the groundwork for their digital activities in upcoming years.

Users First

Q-dance festivals are the haven for fans obsessed with the harder styles in dance music. We painted a clear picture of demographics, psychographics, and all the needs and wants using unique user profiles.

Die Hard
Dance Music Fans
Brand Values

During the strategy sessions, we surfaced the key pillars of the brand personality. This later become a framework for everything created for Q-dance.


One global hard dance music tribe united by Q-dance.

Company Mission
Positioning Statement

As a part of the strategy, we defined the positioning statement and helped to realize the particular consumers' needs. Thanks to this, we always had a clear picture how we can establish even stronger position of Q-dance.

Application Refresh

To create a more adequate experience and atmosphere, we refreshed every aspect of the app. This included a typeface, a new color palette, and a comprehensive user experience.


We ran multiple audits on the app early in the process and carefully studied both qualitative and quantitative results. Insights we gained influenced the structure of app as well as offered features.

Low fidelity prototype we did early in the process.
It captures hierarchy, identifies the flow of the user’s journey, and sorts out information architecture.

Onboarding Experience

The experience begins with screens that demonstrate key features and prompt users to create an account or log in. This was a crucial improvement and we had seen an increase in account creation over time.

All new onboarding experience, notifying users about new features.

Core Feature & Increased Ad Revenue

It's not a new thing for all harder styles lovers that Q-dance owns a radio station. We decided to use the radio as the core functionality and make it the first screen. This directly resulted in more listeners and therefore increased ad revenue.

The core feature of the application, and radio shows presented by various artists.

Festival Tickets a Tap Away

Although festival ticket sales were not the main concern of the application since festivals are notoriously sold out in the first hour, we managed to design a more personalized experience by offering merchandise and other content based on user preferences and behavior. This had a positive effect on merchandise sales.

The core feature of the application, and radio shows presented by various artists.

Unique Live Content

Q-dance events are a worldwide success and are sold out quickly. With a huge demand for streaming, we identified that this could be a great opportunity to provide the community at home with a special festival experience. What if people at home could follow all stages through video live streams? To tackle this, we designed a unique "live mode" that turns on automatically when there is any Q-dance event happening where people at home have the opportunity to join the paid streams and chat with others. People that currently visiting the festival also have access to useful info, interactive map, and other information.

Virtual Attendees

The possibility of live streams and virtual attendance created a whole new channel and turned out to be a massive success with4.7Mstreams during the first festival and5.5M during the next edition of this very same festival.

Unique live mode version of the application that serves different purposes and fulfills multiple user needs.

Social Media Campaign

We helped produce a social media campaign to promote this brand new application. The app was rated by almost 1k people on the first day and the average rating was 4.8 on both App Store and Google Play.

We helped produce a social media campaign to promote the app.


Q-dance application is showing positive growth on every front. We have resolved all challenges that Q-dance wanted to resolve. We increased the user engagement, enhanced user experience for both festival visitors, and at-home audience. We improved data governance and created new revenue streams through paid live streams that are a massive success. As a bonus, the application was nominated for Dutch Interactive Award in 2018 and won first place in category communities.

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